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Athletic Strength Institute

The Athletic Strength Institute hired The Kansas City SEO Group to optimize their website design and configure it for Search Engine Optimization. They knew they had a strong foundation, great services, and happy clients, but needed to reach more customers. We were able to make immediate improvements to the their WordPress site including:

  1. Reduced the front page load time from 30 seconds to under 10. This is especially important on mobile devices – no one wants to wait for a page to load, as interest is quickly lost.
  2. Properly submitted the site so that it would be favorably seen by Google.
  3. Configured Google My Business – this adds an additional layer of trust and visibility to search engines
  4. Optimized photos, artwork and text to render quickly and the same across different browsers, operating systems and devices
  5. Provided branding and messaging guidance to create a connection with their ideal customer.

We let The Athletic Strength Institute know what they needed to add to their site in terms of content, both written and other. Getting the right amount of, and right type of content onto the site is vital to success with search engine optimization; this is where the science blends into an art, and is something only a nationally recognized expert such as our own Scott Allen would be able to effectively do. We also added social media accounts to the site, which act as signals to Google, Yahoo and Bing that people are genuinely interested in the site and that there exists a real business with real customers. We provided a road map of what content to publish, and more importantly, when it should be shared. Yes, there are better times during the day (and night!) when relevant content should be distributed.

The results of our efforts? The Athletic Strength Institute, who had previously been invisible to Google, Yahoo and Bing rose in rankings and is now on page one of Google. There is increased traffic to the site, which means more customers and increased revenue.

We’re often asked this question: “What’s the secret to your success? What is it that you do with SEO that makes your customers so happy”? The answer might surprise you – there is no one thing, no magic bullet, no SEO tricks that will produce results like ours. It’s a mixture of many different things, all in the right amounts, at the right time that produce proven results. In fact, we’ve had clients that have asked us to “turn down the volume” on our SEO work because they found they were getting too many phone calls and Emails – staff couldn’t keep up!

Want to experience the difference? Would you like measurable, real results with an ROI for your SEO and marketing dollars? Give us a call or Email today for a no-obligation assessment of what we can do for you.

*Update:  We have been working hard to help ASI rank for several different terms besides their main keyword of Sports Performance KC .  We have also been working to get them to increase their presence for some newer avenues of training they are offering.  We increased their rankings for NFL Combine Training as well as their rankings for First Responder Training using our proprietary local ranking techniques.  This is extremely beneficial for ASI because this helps expand their geographic footprint.  We can do this for you too !


  • Client Athletic Strength Institute
  • Date March 24, 2016
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