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Kansas City SEO Group FAQs

What Makes Us Different from Every Other Kansas City SEO Company?

We are a full-service marketing and design firm. Our designers have 20 plus years of experience working online.  Know of any other SEO agencies that have a strategic advisor on staff….didn’t think so 🙂

We have proven results.   A lot of SEO companies will tell you what they can do. We’ll show you live results you can see for yourself.  We test out strategies on our own sites before suggesting those strategies to our clients.  We are our own test client.

What exactly do you guys do?

The techie answer?
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Social Media Marketing
Ecommerce Solutions
Pay Per Click Management
Web Development
Email Marketing Services
Conversion Optimization

The short answer?  We grow your business through online search

How much will it cost?

We scope each project on an individual basis.  The one size fits all approach more than likely doesn’t work for your business and it sure doesn’t work with ours.   We want to make sure that by partnering with Kansas City SEO Group that you are getting what is best for your business and that you understand what you are getting from us in plain English.

Do I really need to optimize my site?

Yes. Think of it this way.  You can have the tastiest, most attractive lemonade stand on the planet, but if you put it out in the middle of the desert, how are people going to find it?  On the flip side, if we move your lemonade stand to a sidewalk outside a busy office building, then you’re gonna be busy….really busy.  That’s what we do. We move your business to the prime real estate on the internet. The first page of Google.

Do you provide aftersales support?

Yup, we sure do. When you work with us, it’s a partnership. We will send you monthly reports and audits so you can see data-driven proof of how your site is doing. From time to time we might even recommend  some improvements based on what the industry trends are or based on whatever animal Google has decided to name next. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird…we are secretly hoping for Walrus as their next update.

Pre-Sales Question?

So how do I get started?  We have a short questionnaire that we ask all of our potential clients to fill out.  After you have submitted the form and we believe we can help you and it looks like a match,  someone will reach out to you and get the ball rolling.

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