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About The Kansas City SEO Group

Online Marketing for Kansas City

You are good at running your business.

But there’s a problem.

You need people to find your website, but its just not showing up on Google or Yahoo or Bing. The company that built your website was supposed to do “some SEO” for your site, but it’s still not working. They set it all up and you’re not sure that they knew what they were doing. Sure your site looks great but can your potential customers find you?

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry. We are here to help.

We will ease the burden of your technology woes and get your site visible. When you partner with us, you’ll find freedom. Freedom to handle the business of running your business while we handle “the web stuff”.

We specialize in local and online marketing for Kansas City businesses. We make sure that your customers can find you first, before you competition does! If you need to makesure that your product, service or company can be found, you’ve come to the right place. Need helpwith branding, website design or advertising campaigns? We can take care of those too. Our searchengine optimization experts will work closely with you, ensuring that you receive a positive ROI on your advertising dollars.

In addition to the talentedstaff and their many skills, we have something a lot of companies can’t offer – history. We’ve beenworking with online marketing and branding for many, many years. Remember when Alta Vistaruled the search engines? How about the change over from card catalogs to libraries using Lynx browsers to search their collection? And if you were around Kansas City inthe early days of the Internet, you might recall Cantata 211 on 39th street, and their ad in The Pitch advertising that they had thefirst publicly available ISDN Internet connected PCs.

Why is this trip downmemory lane relevant?
When Wayne Gretzky was asked why he was so successful, he wasquoted as saying “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” It’s thisphilosophy that will give you the extra edge when you work with us. SEO is not a one-off activity – the rules are always changing,and it requires a forward-looking strategy. When you work with us, we’ll make sure that you and yourbusiness, brand or product are well-positioned today, tomorrow and beyond. We’ll make sure that yourcustomers can find you!


Bottom line – our mission is to grow your business. When you’re successful, we’re successful.

We enjoy the creative process when we design a website, campaign or social marketing plan for our clients, but we’re always aware that any time and effort spent with us must create a positive impact and a solid return on investment.

After all, what’s the point of putting an “open for business” sign out in the middle of the desert where no one can find you? When you work with us, we’ll make sure your product, business or service can be found by your customers.

Our Team

The Kansas City SEO Group brings the perfect blend of analytic thinking and refreshing creativity to help grow your business.
We work for you. If you aren’t successful, then neither are we.
Monthly Google Analytics

Nathaniel is a 15-year technology consultant and an SEO expert.  He brings a deep knowledge of SEO best practices and a data-driven, analytical approach to The Kansas City SEO Group.

Google Map Optimization

Scott manages our development and creative teams. He is an industry veteran with more than 20 years as a Designer and Art Director. He still likes to get his hands dirty and often times works right along-side our team.

SEO Services Kansas City

Dr. Runyan is our Social Media Director. She ensures that your business, brand and product receives the best possible exposure. With over twenty years of experience in operating a private practice, Kelly brings a wealth of experience to our team and our clients

Custom Website Design

Michael is currently a Professor of International Management at the UMKC Henry W Bloch School of Management.  Michael helps plan out the strategic approach for your business.

We create awesome stuff

When you work with the Kansas City SEO Group you will be working with just us. We don’t outsource the work we do.  All the work is performed in-house which allows us to maintain the highest level of quality and consistency. 

Our Process

Our  approach to site design is comprehensive. In order to communicate the most important aspects of your business, we need to dig in and really learn about your business. We start off with our discovery form, so we can get a snapshot of your business before we make one click on the mouse.

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