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Spirinity Productions

Spirinity Productions

The last part of the year has been a big year for us.  This is another case of a smaller client competing with some industry giants. We have a soft spot for these type of clients, so we were excited to onboard Spirinity Productions and add them to our client roster.  They are in an extremely competitive landscape. They are competing for visibility and rankings in Hollywood.  You can imagine the amount of saturation in Los Angeles for companies that do film, video and music video production.   Here at the Kansas City SEO Group, we have never been ones to shy away from competitive niches. This is no different.

Sprinity Productions is a full services Los Angeles production company.   Its rare that you have a company that is a one stop shop.  Sprinity Productions is the exception to this rule.  They are able to handle any and all requests their clients ask of them.  Whether its something simple like a photo shoot or something much more involved like a complete, tip to tail movie production..Spirinity can handle it.

They had worked with an SEO company in the past and understood the value of search engine optimization and ranking well on Google.  That being said, we still had quite a challenge to move them up in the ranks.  After about 4 months working with them, we were able to get them on the 1st page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for all of the industry terms they wanted to rank for.   As a result of our efforts, they have experienced nearly a 255x ROI on what they are spending with us.  During our last conversation, Spencer Evans, the owner indicated that they have seen such a large increase in the amount of live streaming in Los Angeles that they are going to have to hire additional staff.   Great problem to have …no ?

  • Date November 16, 2018
  • Tags Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development